Got the shirts, and they are awesome.

Here’s pics of the front and Back for you…

I’ll be around all day Sunday, Monday, etc. at the Embassy Suites and Krewe events. If you want your T-Shirt prior to Sunday/Monday Pre-Cons, drop me an email at michaelbender1 AT gmail DOT com.


The Mojito Adventure…

Like they say…

The best laid plans never work out!

I needed to get a ton of work done in hopes for being work-free at Tech Ed. Well, a busted washing machine hose and a broken air conditioner on top of two last-minute client issues…

Well, it’s mojito time!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make simple syrup (basically sugar disolved in water) so I had to use real sugar which has a tendency to not disolve in cold liquids. Anyway, It turned out so so, but it’s wet and full of cuban rum. Yes…That is a genuine bottle of CUBAN Havana Club. Not sure how they let me bring it into the US…

I’ll have time after TechEd to perfect the recipe!


What I’m bring to TechEd 2008?

Besides clothes and my drinking boots, here’s my list of gadgetry that I consider an absolute must for Teched 2008:
1) Sprint Motorola 9Qc Smartphone loaded with software for tweety and blogging.
2) Plantronics headset w/ blue tooth adapter so I can use skype for my hotel room.
3) Creative Zen M for tunes and Videos
4) HP TX1000 tablet pc (purchased at last years Tech Ed)
5) Solio solar recharger for electronic devices (Go Green!)
6) Altoid USB charger (uses 2 AA batteries)
7) Darth Vader and Stormtrooper USB Drives
8) Palm Treo 700wx (Doesn’t every Geek need two phones??)
9) Nintendo DS w/ Lego Star Wars game
10) (Not Pictured) Canon PowerShot SD750…won at MCT Summit
11) (Not Pictured) Olympus digital recorder for capturing cool sessions and secret conversations

What are you bringing???

The Count is On…

Unless my busy “networking” schedule gets in the way, I hope to post pics and recaps of each day at TechEd 2008.

It’s been a frantic week. Chapter two went in last Wednesday, and I’m plugging away at chapter 3. It’s tough because the topic is soooo boring. IPv4, RRAS, and networking… I became a Microsoft guy for a reason. I HATE SUBNETTING!!! I guess it’s Karma…

Not to mention all the posting on TechEd Connect and Twitter about TechEd 2008. I just need to focus and move forward. I’ve even thought of disconnecting my internet, but I need it for research…Lame!

Anyway…Talk to you soon!