Honey…I can’t shrink my disk volume!

Well, I’ve been touting running Windows 2008 as a desktop for months. However, my latest work laptop came installed with Vista Business and I need to use it right out of the gate. Also, it’s an hp and laptops are notorious for being “driver challenge” with a new OS.

Anyway, I finally completed the book and have a need to run Windows Server 2008 x64 and Hyper-V, so I decided to use Vistas built in disk shrink function since HP built the entire drive as c:.

Well, I cleared some junk of my laptop and had about 45GB free. I tried to shrink it and came up with bubkiss…nothing…nada. All I got was a lowly 300MB. Even with the HP recovery partition vaporized, not enough for W2kOcho.

After some searching and testing, I found the solution. You not only need to defrag the drive; you need to defrag the system files. What happens is that a simple defrag does not impact the MFT, or Master File Table records, on the drive. In my case, they were sitting on the last few sectors of the disk so a shrink was impossible.

Since Vista does not have built in defrag of systems files, I downloaded a trial of Perfectdisk 2008 from Raxco software (www.raxco.com). This worked flawlessly except I had to run error-checking (chkdsk.exe) and fix any errors prior to it working. After running both, I was able to shrink my volume by up to 45GB.

Other hints:
-Turn of Volume Shadow Copies/Previous Versions
-Temporarily stop page file usage and delete pagefile.sys

Good Luck!


IE8…Beware of Chrome

IE 8 Sucks!!!! I’m running the beta and have way too many pages that don’t render properly.

Anyway, so I ran across this interesting posting at gizmodo:

Basically, if you install chrome, google has a right to use any and all content created through the browser…Guess I should stop blogging through chrome! Not that this would ever hold up in court or anything. But it’s just another example of google and problems with personal privacy.

Do No Evil…I’m calling Shenanigans!!!! They are just like everyone else…living the capitalist dream!

Chrome at your own risk…


Picture courtesy of www.earthfrisk.com