Not sure how I feel about this…

Well, it was just announced at Tech-Ed IT Forum in Barcelona that the new name for Windows Server virtualization, or WSv, is “Hyper-V”. From the the sounds of it, Anti-trust issues are probably involved. So Microsoft will make their virtualization platform available for $28. Interesting…when looking at the price structure, they have basically lowered the price of versions w/o H-V, so I’m sure everyone will buy the version with.

As far as the name, I think they bungled it again. I’m still not a fan of “Vista”. It sounds more like a comic book character than an Enterprise virtualization product. I can just imagine sitting in a meeting with the CIO and telling “Yes, sir. We are readying Hyper-V for deployment”. Personally, I’d ask if you get a free bowl of soup with that. Next thing you know, they call next next version of SBS (codenamed cougar) the “Geek Box” cuz any “genius” from Best Buy can manage it:)
Appears that Oracle is jumping into the VM game. They will be providing versions of their enterprise products built on the Xen hypervisor platform, now owned by Citrix
It’s getting pretty interesting out there…

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