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Everyone knows I’m a “Windows” guy so it is of no surprise that I’m hyping on some tools out of the Windows Live suite of products. Live is Microsoft’s answer to many of the tools other companies such as Google have created for the web.

First is Foldershare. Still in Beta, Foldershare allows you to create libraries of folders/documents and have them synced between multiple computers. It requires the installation of a very small agent to run on each machine. One of the nice side effects of installing folder share is that you not only have access to your libraries from other computers; you can access your entire file structure from your foldershare web site.

Next is Skydrive. Just out of Beta, Skydrive is a good solution for storing data “in the cloud”. Since post-beta release, the storage capacity is now 5GB. However, a 50MB limit on file size and the inability to upload folders hamper the ability to “wholesale” backup your current storage devices. Kevin Remde speaks to Skydrive in his blog.

I’d like to see integration between the two. My Vision is that I could SEAMLESSLY add documents to folder share, sync them between my devices. Then, once a day, my foldershare libraries are backed up to skydrive.

Extending Server 2008 eval to 240 days…
Using the slmgr.vbs /rearm you can extend the 60 day grace period 3 times. Slmgr.vbs works in vista as well.
Check out the latest issue of PCMagazine for 157 FREE pieces of software. I’ve got a whole slew written down. I just haven’t had time to play with them. Also, WIRED has a great article on how FREE is the business model of the future. And get it Free if you are the first of 10,000.

More to come…


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