Open Letter to The Krewe

So here it is…The last day of TechEd 2009.

What an awesome week we’ve had. I’ve met a great number of new friends and shared many an adult beverage with the coolest people at TechEd. TechEd is the one time of year where I can “Fly my Geek Flag” and cut loose. For this, I thank you. Without all of the members of The Krewe, it would not be the same.

While TechEd wasn’t as good as previous years in many respects, The Krewe rocked the house. Almost every night, we had 10-15+ people hanging out. A testament to the “coolness” of the Krewe, and the power of connectivity.

Though people associate it with me, I am not the leader of the Krewe. A state of mind cannot have a leader; it simply has believers who do the deeds which need to be done. I, along with others like Jeff (expta), have simply done what needs to be done for our group to thrive. And thrive it has…I was lucky enough to meet up with the Krewe at TechEd 2007. And I’ve hung with them ever since. It has been my honor and privilege to act on your behalf. To that end, I’ve purchased a domain name, thekrewe.info, for our use. Actually, I bought it last year with the intent to have a site of for TechEd 2009. However, that didn’t happen. But this year will be different; I hope to have a simple forum-type site up within a month or two. Just a simple site where we can share contact info securely, as well as share photos from TechEd. A virtual home for the 51 weeks of the year when we are away from TechEd and our other Krewe members. If you wish to help, please contact me here.

As with any large groups, things often did not work as planned. That’s life and you roll with it. That’s what makes this group so special because there are no egos; just new and old friends enjoying a week of learning and camaraderie. We all work hard so there is no reason we should not be able to play hard.

Myself, Jeff, and others have great plans for the Krewe and TechEd 2010 in New Orleans. We hope you will join us.

Your Friend…Mike

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