Solving the problem of Flash on Windows RT

Good Afternoon True Believers,

Before we get into today’s topic, a word of warning. I do not recommend you do this on your Windows RT device, and claim no responsibility should you end up with issues. Choose wisely…And think before you jump!

Like many, I was excited about the possiblities of Windows RT and it’s inclusion of Flash in the browser. This enthusiasm was dampened when I tried to open the Varsity Online Magazine … from UWBadgers.com. They use a flash-based player to present the monthly happenings of UW Athletics. To my cygrin, I was unable to view this on my Surface RT, and no amount of fiddling with IE allowed me to resolve this issue.

Upon doing research, it was discovered that Microsoft allows Flash only for whitelisted sites. Really? While I partially understand their attempt at protecting the device from malicious Flash sites, they could have at least included an option like “Hey…this site is not listed. Would you like to add this as an allowed Flash site?”, but that didn’t happen.

So after some searching, I found a developer over at XDA-developers.com that created a batch file that adds websites to the whitelist. It works great. It’s a hack, but you’re not doing anything you couldn’t do by hand. Here’s the link to info on XDA-Developers.com.

It does not allow you to bulk add sites and the process takes about 2-3 minutes in the background, but it’s definitely worth be able to view Flash on sites that are not on the Whitelist.

Word of caution: This disables the automatic update of your whitelists by Microsoft. So if you ever turn that back on or want the most current whitelist, you’ll have to re-add your sites. So I am just keeping a running text file with all the sites I add, and plan to periodically update the whitelist from MS, then re-add my sites if they didn’t make the cut. Also, this will delete your browser cache, history and cookies… So read the ReadMe.txt before running this!

Let me know what you think…

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