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Welcome to the Krewe Blog Challenge 2014!

The purpose of this is get more people into blogging. With the popularity of twitter and facebook, there are many important things that get lost in the noise of the Internet due to the volumes of content being created every second. Our facebook page is a great example. There are a number of great posts related to fixing specific issues or things people have done. Unfortunately, there is not an effective search mechanism for finding these and they get lost in the every changing timeline. Blogging fixes that. By posting a fix to a problem on a blog, it get’s crawled by search engines, indexed, and is ever available. Also, blogging is a great way to increase your reach and brand if you are looking to build a bigger presence on the web.

So How is this going to work? Well, here are the rules…

1.       Anyone is free to join. To participate in the prize portion of the contest, you need to blog a minimum of 1x a week through August 24th, 2014.

2.       Send you blog feed URL to, and we’ll add you to The Krewe RSS feed.

3.       Talk about the challenge on twitter with the hashtag of #KreweBlogChallenge

4.       We’ll be promoting all blogs posted to The Krewe Bloggers feed on twitter, but you should make sure to promote yourself on twitter, facebook, or wherever else makes sense.

5.       Hopefully, we can create some blog bling for your blog site.

6.       Just post…

Prizes??? Yes…we will have prizes. I’m still working on what they are and how many we’ll have, but we should have some good stuff. Everyone will get something, just not sure what at this pointJ

Questions…Feel free to ping me on Twitter via @MichaelBender if you have questions or wonder how to start. I’ll be happy to help as well as many other bloggers in the group.


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