The Krewe Code Of Contact

As many of you know, I lead up a user group called The Krewe. We are currently between websites (long story) but I wanted to get a copy of our Code of Conduct out so all members know what is expected especially with many gathering at Microsoft Ignite. Our group has always strived for being a welcoming community, and part…

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Guidelines for Building an Awesome Conference Schedule

With Microsoft Ignite less than two weeks away, I wanted to share with you some ideas for building your schedule for this (or any technical conference for that matter). Over the years, I’ve based my schedule building on some rules. By following some guidelines and knowing your goals, you’ll have a more successful conference experience with plenty of useful information…

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Get Started with Docs.com

Prior to starting at Microsoft, I had created a short video introducing docs.com (aka docs.microsoft.com) for all your Microsoft documentation needs. Also, I covered how you can help make our documentation better w/ feedback and submitting change requests. One important note: Since this recording, Azure Cloud Shell has been upgraded to use PowerShell Core and runs on Linux so the startup time has…

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Making Microsoft Ignite a Success – Before You Leave

Over the years, I’ve attended a lot of conferences, and Microsoft Ignite is by far the largest I’ve attended. It has hundreds of sessions, vendor experiences, and engagement opportunities with Microsoft FTEs (Full Time Employees) & Industry experts. Mix in the thousands of attendees, and you have a great big sea of humanity. In order to make your experience a…

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