Who is Michael Bender?

Just a geek trying to “share the wealth” with the rest of the world… Michael is a teacher at heart. Coming from a career teaching at a community college and working for 19 years as a system engineer, his passion is for helping people learn the skills necessary to ‘level-up’ their careers, and helping businesses achieve their customer goals. Sharing everything is how he guides his career as everyone wins when you share what you know. Currently, he is an Author Evangelist at Pluralsight.com. As an internal author, he focuses on cloud and IT Ops courses as well as assisting authors and learners on their journey. Check out my courses here. He is passionate about the IT Operations community. For the last 8 years, he has led up a global user group called The Krewe. He is the current president and a founding member of The Krewe, a worldwide networking group for IT Pros and Developers. This group provides a global network for the sharing of ideas and solutions for many in the Operations community.  For more information, check out The Krewe on Facebook or Twitter.
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